5 Ways to Lower Your Golf Score

You’ve become more familiar with the game of golf and now it’s time to look at improving your score. Whether you’re looking to lower your current average by 10 points or setting a goal to reach par, there are a couple of things you can put into practice to lower your golf score.

man swinging golf club
Source: LiveAbout

Work on your short-game

One of the most proven methods for lowering your score is to develop and refine your short-game.  More shots are played from 100 yards and in than any other part of the course. Make sure to take advantage of having the right wedge setup with the right loft selections to help navigate around the green.

Practice Often

Take advantage of any opportunity to put in some hours on the course. Whether you’re playing with a group or hitting it solo, one surefire way to lower your score is by practicing. Make it a priority to go once a week, or more if it fits with your schedule. If you don’t have time for an entire game of golf, schedule time to hit some balls at the range, and make it a priority to practice your short game.

You may consider putting at home, in your backyard or in your garage with a putting green. This will help you build the proper form for when you’re ready to hit the green.

Get in Golf Shape

While some consider golf to be a recreational sport that does not require being in good physical shape, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth! Take some time every morning to stretch, and focus on your core, shoulders, and upper arms the next time you hit the gym. You’re sure to notice a difference in your swing.

Use Your Time Wisely

While it’s not recommended that you take too much time on your pre-shot routine when it’s time for you to tee up, take advantage of the time when those you’re playing with are swinging to take a couple of practice swings. You’ll also want to make sure you are carefully selecting your putterdo some research on what style would work best for you.

Play Different Courses

When you play in one location often, it gets easy to become comfortable with the territory of a familiar course. This may also prevent you from doing better since your body and mind are in a routine with that course. Challenge yourself by scoping out other nearby courses to try for your next round, and see how well you do with something new.

Strategize to Improve your Swing

Do you feel like your form could use some work? Take some time to consider where you can improve and put it into practice. 

Do you need to add more strength to your hit? Consider getting a putter with a heavier head. 

Do you feel like your stance could use some adjustment? Do some research and watch your fellow players and see what works best for them.

Whatever you decide to do improve your game and lower your score, keep in mind that practice makes perfect. Try a couple of different strategies to see what is most comfortable for you and then put it into practice the next time you hit the green.