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CĀG golf announced launch of first product line

CĀG golf putters

CĀG golf is determined to design and develop product with the best Golf Club Technology for the best value.  At CĀG golf, we strive to create the best golf clubs for sale, and offer the best product through our Golf Club Shop.  

CĀG is excited to announce the official launch of our first line of golf putters. Designed and engineered with performance, elegance and feel in mind, CĀG putters offer golfers a new perspective on putting. Utilizing a new patent-pending SVA SIGHTLINE technology, our putters are designed to take the guess work out of setup. With over a decade of engineering and design experience in the golf equipment industry, our team is dedicated to delivering a performance first product. Every putter is crafted from high quality stainless steel utilizing a combination of specific manufacturing methods to create a putter that responds to the user. We take each idea through our detailed engineering, design and testing process to ensure each putter delivers the best performance and quality a consumer expects.

What is SVA SIGHTLINE tech? Static Visual Acuity is referred to as the ability to be distinguished on a stationary object with high contrast. At CĀG golf, we have implemented a patent pending technology that allows the contrasting SVA SIGHTLINE to provide the golfer immediate setup validation with precise alignment to the sweet-spot, reducing miss-hits and distance control issues.

Each Putter face is CNC milled to provide the precision and accuracy to provide the best opportunity for success. Lateral face grooves are specifically designed to promote early forward roll, giving the golfer added accuracy during play.

Select putters are engineered utilizing a combination of Stretch CG and MOI+ technologies. Stretch CG places the center of gravity deep in the club head for better distance control specifically on longer putts. MOI+ gives the club head the needed perimeter weight distribution to help balance the putter through the stroke and provide a higher forgiveness factor than other models.

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