CĀG Oversized Putter Grips vs Super Stroke Putter Grip

You’ve been going to the golf course for a while now, and you’re looking to improve your game. You’ve heard that investing in a new putter grip can make a big difference, but which grip would work best for you? The grip of your putter is a huge factor for your stroke, and can improve your overall score in a game. Take a look at these putter grip options and consider which one would be the best fit for you.

CĀG Oversized Putter Grip

ball on putting green about to go in hole

Source: Best Western Navarre

If you’re looking to maintain more control in your swing, an oversized putter is definitely the way to go. Many have found that the bigger grips pacify your hands, as well as keeping your wrists from twisting due to its size. The larger golf putter grips encourage the use of the larger muscles in your arms and reduce overall tension, encouraging a pendulum style swing.



The large size of the grip also aids in reducing clubface movement when putting and helps to maintain dependably straighter putts, helping to keep your game consistent and your putts more reliable. If you’re looking to up your score and improve your technique, this oversized putter grip is definitely what you’re looking for. Look for the best, fat putter grip that works for you.

Super Stroke Putter Grip

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If you’re looking for something with low density, consider looking into the Super Stroke putter grips. Made out of lightweight material, the super stroke putter grips help to maintain a balance between your hands on the putter head, helping to maintain a sense of accuracy in your game. It helps to minimize grip pressure and adds consistency to your stroke. This putter grip has the potential to improve your overall golfing experience.

Take it for a Spin

Whatever golf grip size direction you decide to go with on your mallet or blade putter, keep in mind that you will want to consider the overall weight and feel of your putter with the grip in place. Does it feel natural? Does it feel comfortable? Does it improve your stroke? Are you seeing the desired changes in your overall score results? Find a putter with the right grip that checks off all of your boxes.