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Does a Heavier Putter Help You Putt Better?

As you look to better your game, form, and score when you’re on the green, you may consider how your putter is working for you or if you need to switch from a heavy to a lightweight putter and vice versa. Everyone has their own preference but the weight of your putter will affect your swing.

club next to ball on golf tee

Source: Olathe Medical Center

When putting, your aim is to achieve a pendulum style swing. If the putter is too lightweight, it can become very easy for you to lose control as you swing, either by an accidental twist of the wrist or an inconsistent follow-through. When you have a heavy putter, it’s easier to maintain a straight line when swinging back and forth.

Heavy putters offer much better alignment and make it much easier to hit the ball, while also helping you to maintain control in your arms and wrists. An unweighted putter requires the use of the small muscles in your hands and wrists, while a heavy putter calls for the use of the large muscles in your upper arms, making it much less likely for you to flick or twist your wrists when putting. Your shot will have more control.

While you could doctor up your current putter to be more weighted and heavy, consider investing in a putter that is already weighted, such as a mallet putter. Helping to promote precision while remaining comfortable and natural in your hands, the mallet putter will help you enhance your form and improve your overall experience, not to mention how much it will improve your score. Get one before your next trip to the course.