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How to Choose the Best Putter for You

person putting on golf course

Your golf putter is the last weapon in your arsenal and can stand between you and your record on the green. You want to find a reliable putter that will work with your natural stroke. If you’re struggling with consistency in your putting, it may not be you, but your putter. 

Do you know if you have the right putter for your game?

Here are a few things that you need to consider to choose the best putter for you.

Putter Length

The length of any of your golf clubs impacts your stroke, but for a putter, it has a huge impact. Putting is all about reading the lines to see the path to the hole. Your putter needs to help you create your line.

It’s fairly common to choose a putter that is too long for them. You need to consider as well, where you hold the grip of your putter in your stance. 

To choose the correct length, you’ll need a measuring tape and someone to help you. 

Stand in your putting stance and let your arms hang naturally. Have your friend measure from the ground to barely above the top of your hands. This should be the shaft length of your putter. 

If you start to experience lower back pain during your stroke, try a longer putter.

Once you know the length, then you need to decide the type of equipment based on your stroke.

Stroke Path

Golfers have two stroke paths – an arced path that curves and a straight path that looks like a straight line as the stroke goes straight back and straight forward. 

If you have more of an arced path, you should choose a blade putter. A blade putter looks like a traditional putter that you would see professional golfers use. It also has more weight in the toe of the putter, meaning that if you balance the shaft of the putter on your finger, the toe of the putter would point down. 



If your stroke path is more of a straight line, a mallet putter is for you. The putter head on the mallet putter is larger and more square and is face-balanced meaning that it has an even distribution of weight. This putter helps you maintain that balance and that straight stroke path.



Now that you know how to choose the best putter based on your stroke, you need to find the style that gives you confidence and feels right for you.