How to Hold a Golf Club Properly

Whether you’re a golf beginner or looking to perfect your stance, knowing how to hold a golf club properly is essential to having a successful game. The proper grip on your golf club will give you a more consistent stroke and improve your ball striking. 

If you’re looking for some tips on how to grip a golf club and improve your score while on the green, take a look at some of our golf grip technique tips.

person on putting green preparing to putt

Source: Click4Golf

Consider Your Golf Grip Size

Your golf clubs will come with a standardized grip size. This general size will work for some, it will definitely pay off to experiment with different grip sizes. 

You can find multiple golf grip options that cater to the size and length of your hands and your material preference, so it’s important to see if you can find a grip that fits your needs. Having the right kind of grip will help you maintain precision in your ball striking, and can prove to make the putter feel more natural in your hands.

Be Conscious of Hand Positioning

view of golf grip

Source: The Bull Golf

When you pick up your club, make sure you pick it up with your less dominant hand, leaving about a half-inch of the top of the putter exposed. Your less dominant thumb should be pointing down the shaft, with your dominant thumb resting over it facing downward. This is where the right size grip comes in to make your grasp on the club as accurate and comfortable as possible.

Have the Right Golf Clubs

Investing in the right kind of premium putters is a surefire way to step up your game. Stock your golf bag with high-quality putters, woods, and wedges to ensure success the next time you hit the green. 

For those who are more advanced, you may have a face-balanced blade putter in your bag. Pairing a quality putter with the right size grip, the right stance and hand placement, for your next game should help you bring a score that you’re proud to have.