Should I Use an Oversized Putter Grip?

Golfing is not a one-size-fits-all sport. Different equipment works for different players. One important aspect to consider with your putter is the grip. More golfers are looking at using an oversized putter grip. There are some noticeable pros and cons to using a large putter grip that can help you as you decide if you should or shouldn’t use a putter grip.

3 CAG putter grips

Benefits of an Oversized Putter Grip

An oversized putter grip changes the balance of the putter. Because of this, it significantly smooths your putting strokes. It often leads to more accurate and consistent strokes. 


It is also helpful if you feel like you’re holding a twig in your hand while using a regular grip. You want to have more control and a strong grip on your putter. An oversized putter grip will help you to have this more stable grip.

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Downsides of Having an Oversized Putter Grip

The one downside of an oversized putter grip can be the feel. Some players may love how it feels to hold a large grip, especially those who have big hands. Others, however, may not. It depends on the person. Feel is everything when it comes to golf. If a player isn’t comfortable, they will struggle to control speed and distance and their performance will suffer. But if it feels good, the player will love the feel of getting the ball to the intended target.

You’ll Never Know Until You Try It

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If you’ve been trying out a putter and haven’t felt like you’re doing great with your putter, you should consider getting an oversized putter grip. Some people will say that it can instantly benefit your putting strokes. While that may be true, you should also check the fundamentals of your putting stance and stroke. It will take a lot of time and practice so be patient with yourself as you learn and you will go far. Head out to the green with your golf putter and see for yourself what an oversized putter grip can do for you.