The Benefits of Playing Golf

When it comes to golf, the benefits of playing go beyond just enjoying the game. There are proven benefits to participating in golf, from social to physical to mental. If you’re on the fence about making golf a regular part of your schedule, take a look at some of our highlighted health benefits of playing golf.


group of people playing golf

Very rarely will someone go golfing by themselves—socialization is one of the main benefits of golf. A game of golf is often used as a business networking opportunity, or as a chance to do something with friends. 

Golf provides time to have meaningful interaction with others, and if your children or grandchildren are interested in learning how to play, this is the perfect moment to come closer to them, while sharing something that is important to you.


man playing golf

Source: Golf Digest

There are studies that show that there are physical benefits of playing golf regularly. The combination of fresh air and exercise is the perfect recipe for a good night’s sleep. It keeps your heart healthy and is a low-injury sport that still provides an opportunity for weight-loss inducing exercise. 

Hitting the green can prove to be a very simple way to get your daily workout in. Be sure to find a putter that feels most natural in your hands and that has an easy follow-through, such as this face-balanced blade putter.


older couple playing golf together

Source: Hickory Ridge Golf Course

Not only does a regular round of golf keep your brain stimulated, but it has been proven to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression in some that play. The combination of social and physical benefits are a fantastic combination to increase greater confidence and self-esteem, and with golf being a sport that is considered very difficult to master, you will find that you are constantly challenging yourself and looking to become better.

You don’t need to find any excuses to play golf — there are plenty of benefits for you and your health. Forget sneaking out of the house for a quick round with friends. You can proudly enjoy your time on the green and not try and hide your golfing habit.