What is a Good Putter for a Beginner?

You’ve been to the golf course a few times and have borrowed clubs from other people. Now, you’re ready to invest in your own set. 

Your putter is actually one of the most important clubs for you to purchase. The average golfer uses the putter for over 40% of their strokes. It’s also the club that you’re going to use to finish at the hole. It’s important to look for the best putter.

Two Common Options: Mallet and Blade

There are two common options for putter: mallet and blade. Each type of putter has a different distribution of weight and design that are suited for how you use the putter. 

Mallet Putter

A mallet putter is easily the most forgiving putter and great for beginners. With its large, square face it provides excellent stability and high performance.

CAG Golf mallet putter laying in grass



The weight is distributed away from the face and distributed around the perimeter to create an increased level of forgiveness and balance. Your ball will tend to go where you aim it - which is perfect for beginners.


Blade Putter

A blade putter has a much different shape than a mallet. It’s smaller and the weight is distributed more to the toe of the putter. The club shaft connects closer to the heel of the blade or near the center. Most non-golfers recognize the look from something you’d see at the mini-golf course (except this version is so much better!).

CAG Golf blade putter laying in grass



For golfers with an arc to their swing, this is the perfect putter. While a blade putter is typically better for the more advanced golfers, there are several benefits to it that make it enticing, even to beginners:


  • Best distance control
  • Accuracy on long putts
  • Excellent precision in feel

Time to Take Your Putter to the Green

You will need time to get used to the feel and weight of your putter — don’t get discouraged if you aren’t putting perfectly as soon as you have it. Make sure to stop by the putting green before you head off to the first hole to practice those strokes that will keep you under par.