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What is the Best Putter for a High Handicapper?

golfing on putting green

When it comes to having a successful game of golf, equipping yourself with the right type of golf putter is an absolute necessity. Finding the putter that fits comfortably in your hands and that works well for your putting style and form can help improve your game. and if you have a high handicap, discovering the best golf putters that work best for you can prove to significantly improve your score.

What does it mean to have a high handicap?

In golf, a handicap is a determination of one’s playing ability. It is calculated by comparing a golfer’s recent scores and the level of difficulty of the courses they were playing on. For example, if your score is 90 at the end of your game and you have a handicap of 10, your end score will be 80. The highest handicap for men is 36, and the highest handicap for women is 40. However, 20 is considered to be a high handicap, regardless of gender.

If you’ve been struggling with improving your handicap, you should look at your putting strokes and look to improve your putting. Since your putt is the last strokes, by focusing on this area, you can help your handicap improve quickly. 

What Putter Should I Use?

Mallet Putter

The mallet putter has become an increasingly more popular choice for all golfers but is an especially popular putter for beginners. With an intentionally perimeter weighted club-head, mallet putters have a - deeper center of gravity, which in turn makes it much easier to hit that sweet spot of your golf ball. It is much more forgiving than other putters, giving you more control and stability in your stroke. Even if you don’t hit the ball in just the right spot, you still have a good chance of getting a good hit.


Blade Putter

blade putter

Many traditionalists and long-time golfers prefer the blade putter. Its classic style makes it so that the sweet spot is found in the heel of the clubface, and is weighted mostly in the toe. A face-balanced blade putter is perfect for the golfer with a rounded or arc swing and has proven to help you twist more easily, lending you more control in your swing. You will also want to be mindful of your putter length—do your best to ensure that it is what works best for you.


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Whether you decide to go with a mallet or a blade putter, choose the option that you think would better fit your style and needs. You could also consider getting a new grip for your putter, as this can also make a significant difference in your game and help your golf putters fit more comfortably in your hands. Use the putting green (or your backyard) to practice your putting stance and stroke. The better your putting stroke becomes, you’ll see a better and lower handicap than you had previously.