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What Length of Putter Do I Need?

As any golfer knows, it’s unwise to use a random club and hope it works for you. This is especially true of golf putters. There are so many different putters and finding the right one is essential. 

 The most important feature in choosing a putter is the length. The length of the putter affects distance control and directional control. You need to find a putter that works best with your height.



Standard Putter Size Guidelines

Putter length is matched up to different heights to provide the best results. 

If you are 5’10”, the distance from your palms to the ground is roughly 32 inches. The average spine-angle tilt for the correct golf posture is 40 degrees. This means a 34-inch putter is the best option for you. 

Height and tilt calculations work together to provide the standard putter size guideline below:

Correct Putting Stance

If you don’t have the correct posture when you are putting, it won’t matter how good your putter is, you will miss the hole every time. 

Slightly bend at the waist and knees until your eyes are directly over the ball. Let your arms hang down naturally under your shoulders. You are ready to make your stroke.

If you can’t make the right stance while holding your putter, the length of the putter may not be best for you. If your hands are resting down on the shaft, it’s too long. If your hands are past the end, it’s too short. Make sure you can stand comfortably without straining your back and that your eyes are directly over the ball.

cartoon showing correct golfing stance

Why Does it Matter?

You may be wondering how putter length is so important. There may not seem to be such a drastic difference between 31 and 34-inch putters. There is, and it does make a difference.

If your putter is too long, you will likely stand too far away from the ball. This means your eyes will be inside, not over, the ball. Your arc will become flatter, the putter’s toe could rise off the ground, and your aim will shift to the left of the target. If your putter is too short, you will stand too close to the ball. This could make your putter’s heel lift, shifting your aim to the right of the target. Every small detail matters when it comes to your stance. Find the right putter length and you will have a more precise aim and better directional and distance control.