What Types of Putters Are There?

Finding the best golf putter for you can take a lot of time and careful consideration. A putter is often the club that you will use most and give you the best results. Learning about the different types of putters can help you select the best one for you.  

long line of many golf putters and clubs

Different putters have different weight distribution: face balanced and toe balanced. Then there are two kinds of heads: blade and mallet. What do these mean when it comes to putting?

Weight Distribution

Face Balanced Putter

A face-balanced putter has an even distribution of weight. If you balance the shaft of the putter on your finger and the face points up, it’s a face-balanced putter. If you have a straight putting stroke, this putter is the one for you. 

Toe Balanced

A toe balanced putter has more weight in the toe. If you balance the shaft of the putter on your finger and the toe of the putter points down, it’s toe balanced. It opens and closes more throughout the stroke, making it perfect for players who have an arc in their putting stroke.

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Putter Heads

Blade Putters

Blade putters are the most traditional putter and used by many professional golfers today. Because most blade putters are toe balanced, they are best for putters who have an arc in their swing. The benefits to a blade putter include a better distance control, more accuracy and excellent precision.


Mallet Putter

Mallet putters are much more forgiving than blade putters because they are larger, more square, and typically face-balanced. This type of putter is best for players who swing straight back and straight forward. They are also the best putter for the less-advanced golfer.



There are so many other aspects to a putter that is important for you. The length of the shaft, the sweet spot, faces and inserts, and putter weights are all important factors of a putter. You will want to make sure that you take all of these items into account as you select your putter.