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Mallet vs. Blade Putters

When you take off for your next game of golf, you want to make sure that you are ready and equipped with everything that you need, from plenty of golf balls to high-quality, premium putters.  Your putter is a critical weapon for your best game, so you should choose the best putter style to fit your needs, skills and preferences. If you’re torn between choosing a blade or mallet putter, take a moment to look into which style works best for you. Mallet Putter If you are looking for a putter that provides more weight in the clubface, as well as control and stability throughout your stroke, a mallet putter is your best bet. Many mallet putter are also known...

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Does a Heavier Putter Help You Putt Better?

As you look to better your game, form, and score when you’re on the green, you may consider how your putter is working for you or if you need to switch from a heavy to a lightweight putter and vice versa. Everyone has their own preference but the weight of your putter will affect your swing. Source: Olathe Medical Center When putting, your aim is to achieve a pendulum style swing. If the putter is too lightweight, it can become very easy for you to lose control as you swing, either by an accidental twist of the wrist or an inconsistent follow-through. When you have a heavy putter, it’s easier to maintain a straight line when swinging back and forth....

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What is a Face Balanced Putter?

You’ve decided it’s time to buy a putter, but as you shop you’ve realized how many different kinds there are! You may have seen the words, “Face Balanced Putter” and “Toe Hang Putter.” It’s extremely important to know the difference between these two types of putters so you can purchase the one that’s best for you. What’s the Difference? Face Balanced Putter A face balanced putter has a slightly different center of gravity than a toe hang putter. This makes it rotate less during strokes. If you’re a golfer who likes to make straight back and forward strokes, this is the putter for you.   Shop Mallet Putters Toe Hang Putter A toe hang putter, on the other hand, is...

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How to Choose the Best Putter for You

Your golf putter is the last weapon in your arsenal and can stand between you and your record on the green. You want to find a reliable putter that will work with your natural stroke. If you’re struggling with consistency in your putting, it may not be you, but your putter.  Do you know if you have the right putter for your game? Here are a few things that you need to consider to choose the best putter for you. Putter Length The length of any of your golf clubs impacts your stroke, but for a putter, it has a huge impact. Putting is all about reading the lines to see the path to the hole. Your putter needs to...

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What Length of Putter Do I Need?

As any golfer knows, it’s unwise to use a random club and hope it works for you. This is especially true of golf putters. There are so many different putters and finding the right one is essential.  Shop Golf Putters  The most important feature in choosing a putter is the length. The length of the putter affects distance control and directional control. You need to find a putter that works best with your height.     Standard Putter Size Guidelines Putter length is matched up to different heights to provide the best results.  If you are 5’10”, the distance from your palms to the ground is roughly 32 inches. The average spine-angle tilt for the correct golf posture is 40...

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