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What is the Most Forgiving Putter?

The putter is often regarded as your most important golf club. Finding the best golf putter for you can save countless shots. If you’ve never used a putter, it’s a good idea to start with one that is easy to use and forgiving of your lack of skill. If you have used a putter before, but feel like your performance is lacking and want to know how to improve, maybe it’s time to get a new putter. Elements to Consider There are several elements to consider when you are looking for the most forgiving putter. Not every putter is the same, so you have to consider certain aspects in order to find the putter best for you.  Moment of Inertia...

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CĀG golf announced launch of first product line

CĀG golf is determined to design and develop product with the best Golf Club Technology for the best value.  At CĀG golf, we strive to create the best golf clubs for sale, and offer the best product through our Golf Club Shop.   CĀG is excited to announce the official launch of our first line of golf putters. Designed and engineered with performance, elegance and feel in mind, CĀG putters offer golfers a new perspective on putting. Utilizing a new patent-pending SVA SIGHTLINE technology, our putters are designed to take the guess work out of setup. With over a decade of engineering and design experience in the golf equipment industry, our team is dedicated to delivering a performance first product. Every...

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