CĀG Golf Putter 34Five-MD Pro Build Mallet Putter
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CĀG Golf Putter 34Five-MD Pro Build Mallet Putter

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A new line of thinking offers a refined approach to putting. The new, patent-pending SVA SIGHTLINE offers enhanced setup to alignment. A milled sweet spot provides engineered precision with a lateral groove design which promotes forward roll on impact. A face balanced geometric profile, stretch CG location for improved roll, and increased perimeter weighting for increased forgiveness throughout your putting stroke. Includes matching head cover. Our 34FIVE MD mid mallet putter has weight distributed away from the center of gravity, giving it a higher measurable moment of inertia, making it more forgiving. Moment of inertia is a measurement of the resistance to twist about the center axis, therefore making it more stable throughout your golf putt. The Pro Build setup comes with an oversize PU wrapped comfort grip to increase efficiency, and stabilize the putter head through the stroke. 

  • ACCURATE GOLF ALIGNMENT AID: Our patent pending SVA Sightline Technology allows for an accurate, precise putting alignment aid to enhance setup.
  • PU WRAPPED OVERSIZE GRIP: Oversize maximum comfort grip helps stabilize the club head through the stroke and increased efficiency.
  • FACE BALANCED GOLF PUTTERS: Stainless steel double-bend step-less shaft provides the right balance with minimal distraction. 
  • PROMOTES PRECISION: Our CNC Milled Face impact area offers a precision engineered face with lateral grooves to promote forward roll during your putt. The stainless steel construction provides durability, accuracy and feel which is desired in premium golf putters.
  • LINEAR CG DISPLACEMENT: Stretch center of gravity (CG) location for improved roll and dispersion, with better accuracy on longer golf club putts. Perimeter weight distribution for improved forgiveness throughout stroke. Our 34FIVE MD is a mid mallet putter which has a larger head with CG located farther away from the face. With this CG location, it has better distance control particularly on longer putts.
  • ***Conforms to the rules of golf


34FIVE MD Putter Specs







(Pro Build)



 33”, 34”, 35” 

CĀG Oversized wrapped PU, 72g

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