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Precision Engineered LVD Golf Wedges

Precision Engineered LVD Golf Wedges

When it comes to improving your game and reducing strokes, it is imperative that every golfer properly equips themselves with the very best tools. By offering a 3-pack of various golf wedge degrees, we help you have a more versatile club selection without breaking the bank. Specially designed and engineered to fill a gap that many golfers are missing in their short game, you will quickly find that our golf wedges are an absolute necessity every time you hit the green.

Our 3-wedge pack includes 3 types of golf wedges that provide more distance variations and versatility that is sure to heighten your experience and improve your game. It is truly a wedge golf club set that every golfer needs. With a progressive center of gravity position throughout the set, our golf wedges are helping golfers of all levels complete their short-game setup. We have them specifically designed with a classic shape, as well as engineered for optimal spin and less drag through contact with CNC milled scorelines. The Linear Vertical Displacement club head is engineered with the mass positioned vertically in the club head creating an increased spin for better bite on the green.

The surface milled face provides a precision contact area, designed specifically for increased accuracy, something that is found only with the very best golf wedges. The classic sole grind was designed for better turf interaction, forgiveness, and stability that everyone needs in a quality wedge golf club. The clubhead on our golf wedges is manufactured from 431 stainless steel, offering the durability and confidence that today’s golfers are looking for, as well as a steel stepless shaft designed to help you focus on your shot with as little distraction as possible. Equip yourself with the best golf wedges and step up your game the next time you hit the course!

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Features and Benefits
  • Optimized Center of Mass for increased spin and more bite.
  • CNC milled score lines for optimal spin and performance.
  • Surface milled face for precision contact and increased accuracy.
  • Classic sole grind for better turf interaction, forgiveness and stability.
  • Stainless Steel head for durability and confidence.
  • Step-less wedge-flex steel shaft
  • CĀG soft rubber compound grip made to reduce vibration through contact.