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FAQs & Answers

  • Do the putters come with head covers?

    Absolutely. All putters come with a matching head cover


  • How long does it take for an order to be sent out?

    If you can purchase it on our website, we have it in stock. We ship out all purchased orders within 2 business days.


  • Where are the golf clubs designed?

    All of our products are original designs by our team of designers and engineers located in the United States.


  • Where are the golf clubs made?

    Our manufacturing is currently being completed in Asia, however, some assembly processes are done in the United States.


  • Are there clubs available in store locations?

    We are primarily an online golf equipment brand building our awareness and sales through digital channels. We feature product availability through our own online store, Facebook, Instagram, Ebay and Amazon. However, we also welcome the possibility of working with brick and mortar locations, so if you’re interested in carrying our product, send us a message.


  • When will left-handed product be available?

    We recognize the need and hear your voice about left-handed clubs. Lefties are on the way, however, with our business still in start-up mode, we will be launching lefties on specific product as our company grows. Keep checking back for updates.