CĀG Golf Technology

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CĀG golf putters

At CĀG golf, we strive to push the limits of technology.  We are an original equipment manufacture focused on a performance first design philosophy.  We use quality materials, a variety of different manufacturing processes and our own proprietary designs built to enhance the user experience.

CĀG golf SVA Technology

The patent-pending SVA SIGHTLINE technology provides true alignment verification during what we believe is the most essential aspect of the putt... Setup.  Employed using our unique manufacturing and finishing process, the technology allows for accurate alignment to the sweet spot, reducing off-center impact in order to bring to the consumer a new introduction to premium golf clubs.

CĀG golf Milled face

Intent on delivering the best golf putter for the money, we engineer and manufacture for precision and accuracy, with the head utilizing the benefits of a surface milled face.  Lateral face grooves promote forward roll at impact,  delivering proper release to the hole.

CĀG golf MOI+

Utilizing our product development and manufacturing design process, key performance elements are pre-defined and validated prior to manufacturing.  MOI+ coupled with a face balanced design provides added forgiveness and stability throughout the stroke, making it one of the most advanced golf clubs for sale.