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— Golf State of Mind —

“I can say the CAG Golf 33Five-BD putter performed quite well for a piece that retails for less than $125. All in all, a very solid putter that I’m sure many golfers would have success with.”

— Cars Bars and Pars —

“After my first 18 holes, I decided that I don’t like this club I love it. My past experience has taught me that it is difficult to determine if you are going to make ANY putt, but this club inspires confidence. On top of all this, it is also a great looking club and the price won’t give you sticker shock. I just became a CĀG Convert.”

— Niche Golf —

“Overall, The CAG 34FIVE MD golf putter did an excellent job. The CAG 34Five MD performed very well and I’ve continued playing with it as my putting has only improved over the time that I’ve been using it. The CAG is a “keeper”, although I do plan to upgrade to a larger grip as that is my personal preference. I rate the CAG as a solid putter at a great price.”

— Golf Unfiltered —

“I’d never heard of CAG Golf prior to this review, but they have definitely captured my attention. The putter felt solid overall, and I was left with the impression that this design is similar to that of other tech that promotes a true roll sooner.”